Boxing referee mills lane

What happened to Judge Mills Lane?

In 1998, Lane retired from boxing and his job as a Washoe County judge . He didn’t stay idle for long. Soon after he starred in his own syndicated television show, Judge Mills Lane , in which he issued rulings in his familiar raspy voice. Unfortunately, in 2002, Lane suffered a debilitating stroke at home.

What is Mills Lane worth?

Mills Lane net worth: Mills Lane is an American former boxing referee, professional boxer, judge, and television personality who has a net worth of $3 million . Mills Lane was born in Savannah, Georgia in November 1937.

Who is Mills Lane wife?

Кэй Пирс в браке с 1980 г.

How old is Judge Mills Lane?

83 года ()

What does a boxing referee do?

The role of the referee Gives instructions to both boxers before the fight. Determines when to start or stop a count when a fighter is down. Determines when a foul is so egregious that a warning should be given or points taken away.

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Who is Judge Judy married to?

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