Boxing: Who Won Between Franco And Negrete? (Correct answer)

Despite being just 25 years old, Franco has now been a part of two boxing trilogies. He fought Oscar Negrete three consecutive times in 2018 and 2019, with a win sandwiched between two draws. Saturday’s victory over Moloney came in a third meeting. Franco scored a unanimous decision win over Moloney (ESPN’s No.

Who won the fight between Franco and Maloney?

Franco scored a unanimous decision win over Moloney (ESPN’s No. 7 115-pounder) in June 2020, when an 11th-round knockdown was the difference-maker.

Did Maloney win his fight?

Andrew Moloney loses to Joshua Franco in third WBA super flyweight title fight.

How old is Joshua Franco?

Muhammad Ali’s grandson, Nico Walsh, maintained a perfect start to his own professional boxing career with a third-round knockout victory over James Westley II on Saturday night in Atlanta.

What time is Moloney vs Franco?

The preliminary card for this fight gets going at 6 p.m. ET on ESPN and the main card is expected to start at around 10 p.m. Franco and Moloney will close out the card sometime in the 11 p.m. hour.

How can I watch the Andrew Moloney fight?

The Moloney vs Franco 3 fight is available to watch on Kayo as a Pay-Per-View event for $29.95. You don’t need a separate Full Access Kayo subscription to purchase this PPV.

Who did Joshua Franco lose to?

Andrew Moloney has fallen agonisingly short of claiming revenge over Joshua Franco in their trilogy bout, dropping a unanimous decision in Oklahoma. Moloney was game, but was on the wrong side of the decision, with three scores of 116-112 all in Franco’s favour.

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How old is Rico Franco?

Ricardo ‘Bon Bon’ Franco went from peak fitness to “rock bottom” when it flared up during lockdown. Months after becoming world champion in a sensational fight, the 28-year-old from North Lincolnshire became bedridden as his condition turned life-threatening.

How heavy is superfly weight?

super flyweight, 115 pounds (52 kg) bantamweight, 118 pounds (53.5 kg) super bantamweight, 122 pounds (55 kg)

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