Claressa shields boxing record

Shields, 26, returns to boxing Dec. 11 in the United Kingdom, where she will put her IBF world middleweight championship on the line against Ema Kozin, 22. This marks Shields’ first boxing bout since beating Marie-Eve Dicaire in March in Flint. Her professional boxing record is 11-0.Nov 11, 2021

Who defeated Claressa Shields?

Savannah Marshall

What are Claressa Shields worth?

The estimated net worth of Claressa Shields in 2019 Currently, she is the unified world champion in the two weight class, having led in two weight classes, WBC and the IBF female Super middleweight since 2008. Her current net worth as of 2019 is reportedly around $3 million.

How much does Claressa Shields make a fight?

She’s only made $600,000 as her [highest earning purse in her career] in 21 fights . I’m making $400,000 in my next fight , in just 10 fights ,” Shields told in an interview.

Who is Claressa Shields father?

Бо Шилдс

Is Claressa Shields still boxing?

She has held multiple world titles in three weight classes and reigned as the undisputed female middleweight champion from 2019 to September 2020, having held the unified WBA, WBC, and IBF female middleweight titles since 2018; and the WBO female middleweight title from 2019 to September 2020.

What do Claressa Shields weigh?

75 kg

Who is the highest paid female boxer?

Katie Taylor

How much is Laila Ali’s net worth?

Laila Ali net worth: Laila Ali is a retired American professional boxer who has a net worth is $10 million dollars.

Who is the best female boxer?

Top 10 Greatest Female Boxers Ever Lucia Rijker . Claressa Shields . Cecilia Braekhus . Amanda Serrano. Regina Halmich.

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What do female boxers earn?

How much do female pro boxers make? Female Boxers can earn anywhere between $200- 400 dollars per match at a lower level. The money can raise depending on their weight class, sponsors, and fighting records. The Median is $51,370 for professionals annually.

Who won the fight between Shields and hammer?

Just three years after becoming the first two-time Olympic gold medalist in U.S. amateur boxing history, Shields (9-0, 2 KOs) defeated Christina Hammer (24-1, 11 KOs) by unanimous decision to unify the women’s middleweight division. All three judges were in agreement with 98-92 scorecards.

Who will Claressa Shields fight next?

Yet, T-Rex can confirm that her next adversary will be undefeated IBF world super welterweight champion Marie Eve Dicaire (17-0, 0 KO’s).

How old is Laila Ali?

42 years (December 30, 1977)

How many knockouts does Laila Ali have?


How old is Claressa Shields the boxer?

25 years (March 17, 1995)

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