Coach anthony boxing

Who is Coach Anthony boxing?

Freddy ” Anthony ” Rodriguez (born April 17, 1983), better known by his pseudonym Coach Anthony , is an American boxing trainer, YouTube personality and former amateur boxer . As of June 2020, his YouTube channel has over 5 million video views and 160,000 subscribers.

What does a boxing coach do?

Boxing coaches are responsible for training new boxers and also assisting experienced boxers with improving their techniques. As a boxing coach , you’ll have several employment options, including working in boxing clubs or gyms or opening your own training business.

How much money does a boxing coach make?

Boxing Coach Salary

Percentile Salary Location
10th Percentile Boxing Coach Salary $26,459 US
25th Percentile Boxing Coach Salary $32,881 US
50th Percentile Boxing Coach Salary $39,934 US
75th Percentile Boxing Coach Salary $48,653 US

How much does a boxing coach cost?

The average cost of a 60-minute boxing lesson is currently about $100. Costs vary depending on the coach’s experience, location and whether the lessons are for beginner, intermediate or top fighters. Private instructors around the country charge anywhere from $30 up to $195 per hour.

Do boxers pay their trainers?

Boxers typically pay trainers 10 percent of their purse. For example, if a boxer earns $1,000 in a fight, he would pay his trainer $100. A percentage of each purse goes to the boxer’s manager as well. The amount varies by state and agreement.

How much do boxing coaches make UK?

Generally, a boxing coach working in a boxing club or gym will be paid according to their experience and expertise. The average salary is around £20k per year but again, this can vary wildly according to many different factors.

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How much is Freddie Roach worth?

Freddie Roach net worth and salary: Freddie Roach is an American boxing trainer and former professional boxer who has a net worth of $20 million .

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