James toney boxing record

Who did James Toney lose to?

Charles Ellis

Is James Toney a Hall of Famer?

James Toney belongs in the Hall of Fame .

What’s James Toney net worth?

James Toney Net Worth and salary: James Toney is an American professional boxer who has a net worth of $2 million dollars . James Toney was born August 24, 1968 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

How old was Evander Holyfield when he fought James Toney?

Making his debut as a heavyweight, Toney made the almost 41-year- old Holyfield look like a slow and over-the hill fighter, before finally stopping him at 1:42 of the ninth round. Early in the fight, Holyfield landed some big left hooks, and tagged Toney flush on the face with a right hand in the third round.

How many fights James Toney lost?

James Toney
Wins 77
By knockout 47
Losses 10
Draws 3

How old is Holyfield?

58 years (October 19, 1962)

Who is the best boxer all time?

Floyd Mayweather has been crowned the greatest boxer of all time. 1 FLOYD MAYWEATHER . 2 MANNY PACQUIAO . 3 CARLOS MONZON. 4 MUHAMMAD ALI . 5 SUGAR RAY ROBINSON . 6 BERNARD HOPKINS. 7 JOE LOUIS . 8 ARCHIE MOORE.

Why is Boxing Hall of Fame in Canastota?

In 1982 residents of Canastota , NY decided to honor former welterweight and middleweight champion of the late 1950s, Carmen Basilio, and his nephew, Billy Backus, who won the world welterweight title in 1970. The townspeople raised funds for a showcase that would celebrate the achievements of their two local heroes.

How old is James Toney the boxer?

52 years (August 24, 1968)

How much is Roy Jones Jr worth?

net worth : Roy Jones , Jr . is an American professional boxer, actor, and rapper who has a net worth of $7 million dollars.

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What is Holyfield net worth?

Evander Holyfield Net Worth: Evander Holyfield is a retired American professional boxer who has a net worth of $1 million . A professional boxer, Evander Holyfield has fought at the Heavyweight, Cruiserweight, and Light-Heavyweight Divisions, and won a Bronze medal at the 1984 Olympic Games.

How tall is Toney?

1.76 m

What’s Mike Tyson’s net worth?

Mike Tyson has a net worth of $10 million. During his heyday, Mike was one of the most famous and highest-paid athletes in the world. He was the youngest champion in history at age 20. Unfortunately, he squandered and/or was bilked out of a personal fortune that topped $300 million at his peak.

How many fights did Tyson lose?

Tyson took part in a total of 58 fights in his professional career. Fifty of those he won, 44 of them being by knockout. Among the fights he did not win, he officially lost six, while two fell into the category of no contest.

How many times did Tyson fight Holyfield?

They fought each other twice, and Holyfield won both bouts, including the infamous “Bite Fight ” in 1997. Now, 23 years after their last fight , there has been plenty of talk about the old rivals possibly getting together for part three.

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