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What ethnicity is Jon Bernthal?

His parents are both from Ashkenazi Jewish families (Jon’s maternal grandfather was born in Munich, Germany, and Jon’s other ancestors emigrated from Austria , Russia , Poland, and Lithuania).

Did Jon Bernthal serve?

He nearly wound up in prison himself. As a kid, Bernthal got into fights, sometimes with weapons. Much later, when he was in his 30s, a run-in with someone who was harassing Bernthal while the actor was out walking his dog led to a fight that nearly landed him in prison.

How much did Jon Bernthal make for Punisher?

Salary Highlights: When he was on The Walking Dead, Jon earned a salary of $80,000 per episode. For his work in the Daredevil and The Punisher, the actor earned $350,000 per episode. The 2018 heist film Widows earned him a salary of $1.6 million .

Is Jon Bernthal left handed?

Bernthal asked his stunt coordinator if he could do subsequent stunts with his left hand instead of his right, but still kept the injury to himself. “So the next thing I’ve got to do I’ve got to kick this guy’s leg out and catch him right in my poor hand ,” Bernthal said. “Now I’ve dislocated my hand .”

Why did the Punisher get Cancelled?

‘Jessica Jones,’ ‘ Punisher ‘ Canceled as Netflix Completes Marvel Purge. Put simply: Netflix did not have an ownership stake in any of its Marvel TV series. Netflix paid ABC Studios a (steep) licensing fee for each season of its respective series.

What is Jon Bernthal doing now?

Bernthal has been cast as the lead in Showtime’s American Gigolo, and his role was confirmed as the broadcaster announced it was giving the project an official pilot order (via Entertainment Weekly).

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How tall is Charlie Cox?

1.78 m

How old is the Punisher?

Mid to late 30s. Comics don’t like to give exact ages, but as of right now his origin is that he served in Iraq so he has to be around there.

Will there be a season 3 of The Punisher?

The Punisher season 3 has been cancelled by Netflix but the fans don’t have to be completely disappointed as Disney+ might take over the show if there is a renewal plan. The vigilante will be back in all his glory.

What is Andrew Lincoln net worth?

Andrew Lincoln Net Worth and Salary: Andrew Lincoln is an English actor who has a net worth of $16 million .

How much money did the Punisher make?

Box office. The Punisher opened in 2,649 theaters on April 16, 2004, and grossed $13.8 million over its opening weekend, ranking at #2 at the box office, behind Kill Bill: Volume 2. The film has a US gross of $33.8 million and an international gross of $20.9 million, giving it a worldwide total of $54.7 million .

How much did Andrew Lincoln make on the walking dead?

Network primetime salaries per episode

Name Program Salary
David Hyde Pierce Frasier $750,000
Hugh Laurie House $700,000
Andrew Lincoln The Walking Dead $650,000
Jon Cryer Two and a Half Men $620,000

Who plays Frank Castle?

Jon Bernthal Daredevil Norman Reedus Iron Man: Rise of Technovore

Does Jon Bernthal have a brother?

Tom Bernthal Nicholas Matthew Bernthal Brother

How did Jon Bernthal meet Erin angle?

The Punisher star first met Erin Angle in 2000 at a welcome home party thrown for him following his return to Washington, D.C., after studying at the Moscow Art Theatre in Russia, and he was smitten from the moment he laid eyes on her. His efforts paid off, and Jon and Erin wed in 2010.

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