Prichard colon boxing

What happened to Prichard Colon the boxer?

Prichard indeed was a boxer , a talented and promising one, but during a match in October 2015 — just a mid-card super-welterweight bout, unmemorable but for tragedy — he suffered a major brain injury that nearly killed him before leaving him in a coma for seven months.

Will Prichard Colon ever recover?

The family of boxer Prichard Colon , who suffered a traumatic brain injury during an October 2015 fight, remains hopeful that he will recover and awake from his coma. Attorney Ari Casper says the fight should have been called by the ringside doctor.

How did Prichard Colon get hurt?

Richard Ashby for failing to act when Colon indicated several times that the back of his head hurt and for not stopping the fight in the seventh round. That is when Colon reportedly told Ashby he was dizzy and had pain in the back of his head after a Terrel Williams rabbit punch sent him to the canvas.

Who hurt Prichard Colon?

Early in Round 7 of the undercard fight preceding the main event between Lamont Peterson and Felix Diaz , Colon fell to his knees clutching the back of his head with his right glove after absorbing a series of punches. Blows to the back of the head are known as “rabbit punches,” an illegal tactic in boxing.

What happened to Terrel Williams?

Prichard Colon, the 23-year-old Puerto Rican who Williams knocked down twice en route to a victory by disqualification in Fairfax, Va., had fallen ill after suffering his first loss and was transported to a hospital.

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