Prince naseem boxing record

Naseem Hamed

Naseem Hamed نسيم حميد
Total fights 37
Wins 36
Wins by KO 31
Losses 1

“Prince” Naseem Hamed retired in 2002 with a record of 36 wins, 1 loss, and 31 knockouts. Here’s a year-by-year breakdown: Nguyen, Joe. ” Boxer ‘Prince’ Naseem Hamed Knew How to Make an Entrance.”

Who did Prince Naseem lose to?

Marco Antonio Barrera

Why did Prince Naseem stop boxing?

Former champion and British legend, Prince Naseem Hamed, has finally revealed the truth behind his decision to walk away from boxing seven years ago. Hamed revealed that his hands were falling apart. The pain and suffering was too much and he was starting to lose his famous punching power.

How many times did Prince Naseem lose?

Naseem Hamed won three world titles during a career that saw him lose just once in 37 fights. BoxRec lists the Sheffield-born boxer as the sixth-best fighter to ever come out of the United Kingdom, while he comes in at No. 14 in the all- time featherweight rankings.

How much is Prince Naseem worth now?

Net Worth: $33 Million Hamed has competed from 1992 to 2002 and held multiple world championships at featherweight including the WBO title from 1995 to 2000. As of 2020, Naseem Hamed’s net worth is estimated to be $33 million dollars, making him the 16th richest boxer in the world.

Where is Prince Naz now?

Neseem is now 42 years old and lives with his wife. He’s faced quite a bit of controversy outside of the boxing ring, as he’s had multiple drunk driving charges against him. Looks like he’s becoming more famous for his appearances in court rather than his elaborate entrances into the boxing ring.

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Is Prince Naseem still boxing?

The former British boxer retired in 2002 following chronic problems with his hands and has seemingly enjoyed life out of the ring, now a long way from his featherweight years.

What age is Prince Naseem?

46 years (February 12, 1974)

How many fights did Prince Naseem have?


Is Naseem Hamed Pakistani?

Naseem Hameed (Urdu: نسيم حميد‎; born 1 May 1988) is a Pakistani track and field athlete, who became the fastest woman in South Asia when she won a gold medal in the 100 metres at the 2010 South Asian Games in Dhaka.

What is Mike Tyson’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth , Mike Tyson is worth just $3 million, despite the fact that Forbes lists his career earnings to be as high as $400 million, challenging the likes of Floyd Mayweather Jr. in terms of income.

What nationality is Prince Naseem Hamed?


How tall is Prince Naseem Hamed?

1.64 m

Who is the richest boxer of all time?

The 15 Richest Boxers in History Muhammad Ali – $50 million. Vitali Klitschko – $65 million. Ray Charles Leonard – $120 million. Lennox Lewis – $140 million. Manny Pacquiao – $190 million. Oscar De La Hoya – $200 million. George Foreman – $250 million. Floyd Mayweather Jr. – $400 million.

Who’s the highest paid boxer of all time?

Tyson Fury topped the list of heavyweight boxers featuring on the Forbes list with $57 million. Both Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder were rewarded financially for their epic rematch in February. Britian’s Anthony Joshua earned $47 million following his heavyweight bouts with Andy Ruiz Jr. Floyd Mayweather Jr .

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Who is the greatest boxer of all time?

Floyd Mayweather has been crowned the greatest boxer of all time. 1 FLOYD MAYWEATHER . 2 MANNY PACQUIAO . 3 CARLOS MONZON. 4 MUHAMMAD ALI . 5 SUGAR RAY ROBINSON . 6 BERNARD HOPKINS. 7 JOE LOUIS . 8 ARCHIE MOORE.

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