What Happened To James Butler Boxing? (Question)

Butler brutally sucker punched Richard Grant after losing the fight and served four months at Rikers Island. In 2004, Butler was arrested for the murder of Sam Kellerman and was sentenced to 29 years and four months in prison.

James Butler (boxer)

James Butler Jr.
Losses 5


How old is Sam Kellerman?

He later confessed to the murder and was given a 29-year sentence. Sam Kellerman was 29 years old. In speaking about his brother, Max Kellerman recalls that “[Sam] was a creative genius He was the best writer for his age I’ve ever read.

What’s the net worth of Richard E Grant?

Grant net worth: Richard E. Grant is a Swazi English actor, screenwriter, director, and perfumier who has a net worth of $4 million. Richard E. Grant was born in Mbabane, Switzerland in May 1957.

What is Max Kellerman salary?

His presence on ESPN and Disney has already been expanding of late, as would be expected given his reported annual compensation of $12 million.

Does Stephen A. Smith like Max Kellerman?

I like him and respect him,” Smith said. “I think that Max is one of the nicest guys in the world. He’s incredibly knowledgable about his boxing and other sports, by the way,” he continued, before complimenting Kellerman on his new roles at ESPN.

Are Richard and Hugh Grant related?

You may think that these two have the same surname, but actually, they don’t. The star was actually born Richard Grant Esterhuysen and adopted his stage name upon registering with Equity. This means that he has no relation to BAFTA-winning actor Hugh.

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How much has Owen Wilson made from movies?

During his career, Wilson has earned a total of around $90 million from film roles alone – before taxes, managerial fees, and other costs (as of 2020).

Is Julie Walters rich?

Julie Walters Net Worth: Julie Walters is an English actress and writer who has a net worth of $2 million. Born in Edgbaston, Birmingham, England, in 1950, Julie Walters started working in the insurance industry before her 16th birthday.

Is Max still with First Take?

After his split with “First Take,” Max Kellerman will return to ESPN’s daily television lineup next week. Kellerman will begin hosting his own new show, “This Just In” starting on Monday, the network announced on Thursday.

Who is the highest paid ESPN anchor?

1. Jim Rome: $30 million. Jim Rome has always been a controversial figure ever since his days on ESPN when he provoked Jim Everett to try and fight him and he’s been able to ride that style all the way to the bank.

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