What Is A No Decision In Boxing?

Although uncommon in contemporary combat sports, except in white-collar boxing, a no decision (ND) occurs in some jurisdictions on combat sports if a fight is stopped before the end of a certain amount of rounds due to an accidental headbutt or injury, as no winner is selected on points.

What are all the decisions in boxing?

What Do All the Different Boxing Results Mean?

  • Split Decision (SD) The judges disagree on the fight’s victor.
  • Majority Decision (MD)
  • Points (PTS)
  • Technical Knockout (TKO)
  • Retired (RTD)
  • Technical Decision (TD)
  • Technical Draw (TD)
  • No Decision (ND) / No Contest (NC)

How are decisions made in boxing?

In combat sports, a decision is a result of the fight or bout that does not end in a knockout, submission or other finish, in which the (usually) three judges’ scorecards are consulted to determine the winner; a majority of judges must agree on a result. The judges’ result can either award a win, loss, or draw.

What causes a no contest in boxing?

A no contest occurs when the fight must be ended for a reason deemed out of the control of both fighters. Neither a winner or loser is deemed in the result of a no contest boxing or MMA fight.

What’s the difference between no decision and no contest in UFC?

There is neither a winner nor a loser from a UFC fight that is deemed as a no contest. Both fighters get an “NC” added to their professional record to show that they were involved in a fight that was deemed a no contest.

Is a knockout a decision?

Knockout (K.O.) – a decision that means that one fighter is unable to continue the fight because he was knocked unconscious by his opponent or cannot stand up normally during the referee’s countdown.

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What does P stand for in boxing?

Points Decision (PTS) A decision reached generally from one judge, often being the referee in contests lasting 8 rounds or less, and often in non-title UK bouts. You can find the meaning of every kind of decision in our Boxing Result Guide section.

What is a no decision in MMA?

No contest decisions in mixed martial arts (MMA) are usually declared when an accidental illegal strike (the rules on which differ from each organization) causes the recipient of the blow to be unable to continue, that decision being made by the referee, doctor, the fighter or his corner.

How many fights end in decision?

26. Attacking an opponent who is under the care of the referee; a. Once the referee has called for a stop of the action to protect a fighter who has been incapacitated or is unable to continue to compete in the fight, fighters shall cease all offensive actions against their opponent. 27.

What is the meaning of draw in boxing?

A technical draw is a term used in boxing when a fight has to be stopped because a fighter is unable to continue from an accidental injury (usually cuts) or foul. Draws occur when the bout goes to the scorecards, and the officials cannot determine a winner.


In contrast, a technical knockout (TKO) may only be declared by the referee or ringside doctor, at any stage of the fight including rest periods. In either case, an RTD still counts as a type of knockout, and is displayed as a stoppage result on a boxer’s win/loss record.

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Can a UFC fight be a draw?

So, what does it mean? Every UFC fight is rated by a panel of three judges. When two judges score the fight as a draw, and only one judge scores a victory for either fighter, the bout is declared a majority draw.

Why was Tyson Golota a no contest?

At the hospital, it was discovered that Golota had suffered a concussion, a fractured left cheekbone and a herniated disc during the fight. Because of this, his victory over Golota was overturned and changed to a no-contest.

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