What Is Rocky Balboa Boxing Record In The Movies? (Perfect answer)

∎ Before fighting Spider Rico, Rocky’s record was 43 wins, (40 KO), 20 losses. ∎ This record only contains fights seen in the Rocky movies. Total record: 57 wins (54 KO), 23 Losses, 1 Draw. Though right-handed, Rocky fights as a southpaw (left-handed).

What’s Rocky Balboa’s record?

Rocky retired a pro with a record of 57 wins (51 KO), 23 losses and 1 draw, just a bum from the neighborhood who won the Heavyweight Championship of the World title twice. Apollo Creed didn’t just yank Rocky Balboa from obscurity.

Did Rocky Balboa ever lose a fight?

By the end of 1975, Rocky had fought in 64 fights, winning 44 (38 KO’S) and losing 20. Rocky was proud that he never had his nose broken in any of his amateur fighting career.

Is the Boxing in Rocky realistic?

Rocky Balboa used the sounds of real punches for the fight scenes. When the film was released, critics praised it for having the most realistic fight scenes in the franchise. Sylvester Stallone credits the use of real sound effects with the added realism of the movie’s fight scenes.

What was Rocky’s best fight?

Rocky: 10 Best Fights In The Series, Ranked

  1. 1 Rocky Vs. Apollo Creed 2 (Rocky II)
  2. 2 Rocky Vs. Ivan Drago (Rocky IV)
  3. 3 Rocky Vs. Apollo Creed 1 (Rocky)
  4. 4 Rocky Vs. Clubber Lang 2 (Rocky III)
  5. 5 Apollo Creed Vs. Ivan Drago (Rocky IV)
  6. 6 Rocky Vs.
  7. 7 Adonis Creed Vs. Gabriel Rosado (Creed)
  8. 8 Rocky Vs.

Why is Rocky Balboa poor?

Rocky V (1990) Oof, Rocky V. A misstep in the franchise, this entry sees Rocky lose all of his money due to poor investments and retire from boxing because of brain damage suffered at the hands of Drago in Rocky IV.

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Who won in Rocky Balboa?

Rocky finally takes out Drago in the 15th and last round, winning by knockout to the shock of the Soviet Politburo members watching the fight. Rocky defeats Ivan Drago.

Who has the best boxing record ever?

Who is the greatest boxing athlete of all time?

  • Muhammad Ali — Throughout his entire career, he only lost one fight by knockout.
  • Julio Cesar Chavez — professional record of 107-6-2 with 88 knockouts.
  • Floyd Mayweather — 43-0 professional record, with 26 knockouts.
  • Sugar Ray Robinson — 175-19-6 record, with 109 knockouts.

How much is Rocky Balboa worth?

Stallone’s net worth is $400 million.

Did Sylvester Stallone fight Rocky?

More On: sylvester stallone The actors starred as opposing boxers in the fourth film, released in 1985, of the beloved “Rocky” series. Stallone, 75, reflected on the filming of the sports drama scene on his YouTube channel’s recent video, The Making of Rocky vs. Drago by Sylvester Stallone.

Did Sylvester Stallone get hit in Rocky?

In filming a Rocky IV fight scene, with Lundgren playing Rocky Balboa’s boxing nemesis Ivan Drago, Stallone took such a heavy hit that he landed in hospital.

What was Rocky Balboa’s last fight?

Thirty years after the ring of the first bell, Rocky Balboa comes out of retirement and dons his gloves for his final fight against the reigning heavyweight champ Mason ‘The Line’ Dixon.

Who was Rocky’s hardest fight?

Ranking Rocky Balboa’s toughest opponents

  • 8) Spider Rico.
  • 7) Joe Chan.
  • 6) Vito Soto.
  • 5) Mac Lee Green.
  • 4) Mason Dixon.
  • 3) Ivan Drago.
  • 2) Clubber Lang. ‘The Southside Slugger’ accumulated a 28-0 pro record before challenging then-champion Balboa in 1983.
  • 1) Apollo Creed. They started as foes and finished as friends.
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Who is Rocky’s rival?

Ivan Vasilyevich Drago (Russian:, pronounced [ɪˈvan ˈdraɡə]) is a Soviet-Russian fictional character from the Rocky film series. He first appears in the 1985 film Rocky IV, in which he is the main antagonist and rival of Rocky Balboa.

Who fought Rocky Balboa?

Cast. Sylvester Stallone as Robert “Rocky” Balboa, retired boxer and former two-time heavyweight champion. Burt Young as Paulie Pennino, Rocky’s moody brother-in-law and best friend. Antonio Tarver as Mason “The Line” Dixon, Rocky’s opponent.

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