What Is Triple G Boxing Record? (Solved)

Gennady Golovkin

Gennadiy Golovkin
Stance Orthodox
Boxing record
Total fights 43
Wins 41


Who did Triple G lose to?

Golovkin is still popular, but his days as boxing’s most avoided fighter are long over. He’s won two straight since his loss to Canelo, a knockout win over Steve Rolls and a decision victory over Sergiy Derevyanchenko.

Is Golovkin better than Canelo?

Golovkin proved to be the busier of the two fighters, landing 218 of 703 punches while Canelo came up short by landing 169 of 505 punches. Although it’s difficult to use CompuBox to score individual rounds, many of the rounds found Golovkin throwing and landing more punches than Canelo.

Did Triple G get robbed vs Canelo?

A split draw result might have been controversial, but there’s no doubt that the fight was close. The only real robbery came courtesy of Byrd’s ridiculous scorecard.

Has Golovkin ever been knocked down?

Golovkin is also said to have one of the most durable chins in boxing history, having never been knocked down or otherwise stopped in a total of 393 fights, 43 as a professional and 350 as an amateur.

Did Mayweather fight GGG?

Gennadiy Golovkin is coming to the end of his career, possibly by 2022, and never managed to land the elusive Floyd Mayweather fight he wanted. He could make 154, and Floyd Mayweather was his ultimate target. Sadly, it never happened.

Is Triple G retired?

Nurmagomedov (32), who is seven years younger than Golovkin, has already retired from MMA. Meanwhile, ‘GGG’ is still active and has the IBF middleweight championship on his shoulder.

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How old was Canelo when he fought Floyd?

Canelo Alvarez was 20 years old when he fought for the first time on a big pay-per-view card in Las Vegas, one that featured Floyd Mayweather’s fight with Shane Mosley at …

How old was Canelo when he fought Triple G?

The fight is set to be a big challenge for the 29-year-old, who will be jumping up in two weight classes to face the Russian.

What belt did Canelo take from GGG?

The fight was anticipated to take place well into 2016. On May 18, 2016, a few weeks after knocking out Amir Khan, Álvarez vacated the WBC middleweight title, which resulted in Golovkin being immediately awarded the title by the WBC who officially recognized him as their middleweight champion.

Who won between Golovkin and Alvarez?

Judge Dave Moretti scored the fight 115-113 for Golovkin. The second judge, Don Trella saw it leveled at 114-114. The third judge, Adalaide Byrd, had a scorecard in favor of Alvarez by an inexplicably wide margin of 118-110 (or, 10 rounds to 2).

Will there be a GGG vs Canelo 3?

GGG III is possible in 2022. “He [Golovkin] was supposed to fight Canelo when they were with DAZN, but that didn’t happen in September 2019,” said Loeffler.

Has Floyd Mayweather been knocked?

The Only Time Floyd Mayweather Got Knocked Down. 50-0 as a professional, Mayweather has faced 16 world champions in his career and has held titles at five distinct divisions. Having achieved so much, the American boxer has never seen a defeat, and it arguably makes him the greatest man ever to have laced up his gloves.

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Who has USYK beaten?

Has a record of 6-0 (2 KO) against former or current world champions: Won against Krzysztof Glowacki, Marco Huck, Mairis Briedis, Murat Gassiev, Tony Bellew, and Anthony Joshua.

What boxer never knocked down?

Chuvalo is known for having never been knocked down in his 93 bout professional career including fights against Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, and George Foreman. Chuvalo unsuccessfully challenged Muhammad Ali for the heavyweight title in 1966. Chuvalo was inducted into the Ontario Sports Hall of Fame in 1995.

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