What Mexican Boxing Champ Lost For The First Time To Little Known Frankie Randall?

In October 1987, Randall was knocked out by Mexican lightweight champion Primo Ramos for the NABF regional belt.

Who did Chavez lose?

Silva beat Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. at Estadio Jalisco in Guadalajara, Mexico, via split decision in an eight-round fight. The bout was part of the Tribute to the Kings event, which was capped by Julio Cesar Chavez Sr.’s fight with Hector Camacho Jr. “I feel so happy,” Silva said after the win in the ring.

How many times did Chavez fight Randall?

Chavez won a lopsided 10-round decision, and Randall ended his career three fights later after being stopped by Craig Weber on July 15, 2005, the final notch on a 3-13 slide that established his final record at 58-18-1 (42).

Who won Chavez vs Randall 2?

Julio Cesar Chavez 140 lbs beat Frankie Randall 140 lbs by TD at 2:57 in round 8 of 12. Ring Announcer: Jimmy Lennon Jr.

What was Chavez first loss?

In 1989, Chávez defeated future champion Sammy Fuentes by tenth-round TKO. In his next bout, he handed Alberto de las Mercedes Cortes (44–0) his first career loss by scoring a third-round knockout.

Did Chavez beat Randall?

Julio Cesar Chavez was 89-0-1 and already a legend when Randall, at 32, did the unthinkable on Jan. 29, 1994 in Las Vegas: The 18-1 underdog defeated the great one by a split decision, becoming not only the first to beat him but also the first to put him down.

Who is the best Mexican boxer?

The 5 Greatest Mexican Boxers In History

  • 1) Julio Cesar Chavez.
  • 2) Salvador Sanchez.
  • 3) Ruben Olivares.
  • 4) Carlos Zarate.
  • 5) Juan Manuel Marquez.
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What was Chavez record before he lost his first fight?

Chávez also has the longest undefeated streak in boxing history, 13 years. His record was 89-0-1 going into his first loss to Frankie Randall and had an 87 fight win streak until his “draw” with Whitaker.

Who has the most wins in boxing history?

Len Wickwar holds the record for the most wins and bouts out of anyone in boxing history. Wickwar fought 467 times and won 339 of those bouts.

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