Who Is Jake Paul’s Boxing Coach?

Despite Porter’s prediction, Paul’s head trainer BJ Flores, a retired cruiserweight, is willing to bet otherwise.

Who is Jake Paul’s boxing trainer?

Viddal RIley is ready to fight Jake Paul after the YouTuber claimed he would beat the professional fighter.

Who is on Jake Paul’s boxing team?

Showtime revealed Thursday that Logan Paul, the older brother of Jake, will be part of an All-Star announce team at the event. Logan will serve as a guest commentator alongside veteran sportscaster Brian Custer, combat sports voice Mauro Ranallo and Boxing Hall of Fame analyst Al Berstein.

Who has BJ Flores trained?

Today, Flores is a retired prizefighter living in Arizona. He still attends amateur boxing tournaments in Las Vegas and California. For the past six months he’s been training “ Internet boxer” Jake Paul and, of course, BJ remains an accomplished color commentator/analyst.

Who’s a better boxer Jake or Logan?

“ Jake Paul is by far the better boxer I would say. If I had to pick who was better then I’d say Jake Paul’s way better but Logan, you know, he has some skills. “He can certainly punch and as I say, he’s big and he’s athletic and he’ll learn from the fight against Floyd.

How much does Jake Paul make?

Jake Paul net worth for 2021 According to celebritynetworth.com, Paul is worth $30 million. He makes between $10 and 20 million per year from his YouTube channels and is now making money on boxing. Paul’s fight against Ben Askren earned him a purse of $690,000.

What’s Jake Paul net worth?

At present, Celebrity Net Worth reports that Jake Paul has a net worth of US$20 million. He has racked up this huge amount thanks to his YouTube channel – with over 20 million subscribers – sponsorship deals and his marketing and merchandise businesses.

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Is Shane Mosley still training Jake Paul?

Unlike many of his peers, Mosley had no issues with moving into civilian life. “It wasn’t tough for me because I trained people,” Mosley told The Ring from his training base in Big Bear, California. “I have Ivan Redkach and right now I’m training Jake Paul for his fight against AnEsonGib in Miami on [January] 30th.

How long has Jake Paul trained boxing?

Paul has had an impressive three-year boxing career He first took the ring on 25 August 2018 when he went up against fellow YouTuber Deji (channel name ComedyShortsGamer).

Where is Jake Paul training?

American star Jake Paul has shifted to Puerto Rico with his team for over months and has trained for Tyron Woodley back there. However, he will return to his hometown Cleveland on August 29 and take on the former UFC champion in an 8-round cruiserweight main event.

How much does Jake Paul weigh?

Jake Paul weighs an estimated 190 pounds and stands at 6 feet 1 inch. The star gets weighed periodically as he has been participating in boxing fights for the past three years.

Will Jake Paul fight a boxer?

Jake Paul has his next opponent, and it’s an actual boxer. Paul will take on British boxer Tommy Fury on Dec. 18. The fight was announced Friday, days after Paul said a matchup with Fury “doesn’t cut it.”

Is Jake Paul good at boxing?

So that’s proof right there that he’s bringing different people to the sport. And while he’s fighting, he has people like Amanda Serrano, Regis Prograis, guys like that on his undercard and I’m gonna tell you right now, Jake Paul is great for boxing, whether you like him or not.

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