Who Is Logan Paul’s Boxing Coach? (Solution found)

Logan Paul’s boxing coach is Milton Lacroix, aka Milton Supreme. Milton Lacroix has been training boxers in the amateur and professional realm since the mid-1980s. One of his star pupils, Shannon Briggs, notably captured the world heavyweight title.

Who is Logan Paul’s boxing trainer?

LOGAN PAUL and KSI are all ready for their long-awaited rematch. In Logan’s corner will be trainer Shannon Briggs, a veteran American heavyweight who was known as ‘The Cannon’ during a long and glittering boxing career.

Who is Jake Paul’s boxing coach?

In a scrum before the Paul vs. Woodley event, Jake Paul’s coaches B.J. Flores and Jacob Chavez discuss Tyron Woodley’s skills, a possible clash with Tommy Fury, Paul’s chances against Dana White in a boxing match, and more.

Where did Logan Paul train for boxing?

Paul has spent nearly two months in Puerto Rico training for the bout, sparring quality boxers such as Jean Pascal and Patrick Cora.

Who has BJ Flores trained?

Today, Flores is a retired prizefighter living in Arizona. He still attends amateur boxing tournaments in Las Vegas and California. For the past six months he’s been training “ Internet boxer” Jake Paul and, of course, BJ remains an accomplished color commentator/analyst.

Why did Logan Paul join boxing?

After starting his boxing career because of a petty beef, the social media star has put his heart and mind into the sport. If his recent result against Floyd Mayweather is anything to go by, Paul can do great things in the world of boxing.

Is Logan Paul a good boxer?

Paul is not a great boxer, and it is by no means obvious that he will ever become one. But he is already one of the top-grossing fighters in the world. Jake and Logan Paul became boxers on a whim.

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Is Logan Paul a pro boxer?

The Pauls made millions through YouTube, but stopped daily posts in 2018 to seek out “other opportunities.” In 2019, Logan made his professional boxing debut, losing to fellow newcomer JJ Olatunji, better known for his YouTube handle KSI, by split decision in a headlining fight, despite the presence of two world title

Was Mayweather Sr a good boxer?

Floyd Mayweather Sr. was a pretty successful boxer before Floyd Mayweather Jr. was even in the picture of the boxing world. He had 35 professional bouts in his career, starting in 1974 with a win over Ron Pettigrew, according to BoxRec.

Who trained Mike Tyson?

New York City, U.S. Constantine “Cus” D’Amato (January 17, 1908 – November 4, 1985) was an American boxing manager and trainer who handled the careers of Mike Tyson, Floyd Patterson, and José Torres, all of whom went on to be inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

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