Who Is The Current Cruiserweight Boxing Champion? (Correct answer)

Cruiserweight (200 lbs, 90.7 kg, 14 st 4 lbs)

WBA WBC The Ring
Arsen Goulamirian Super Champion 26-0 (18 KOs) May 31, 2019 Ilunga Makabu 28-2 (25 KOs) January 31, 2020 Mairis Briedis 27-1 (19 KOs) September 26, 2020
Ryad Merhy 30-1 (25 KOs) October 10, 2019

Who is the best cruiserweight boxer 2021?

1. Mairis Briedis

  • Yuniel Dorticos. Cuba. 24-2, 22 KO.
  • Ilunga Makabu. Congo. 27-2, 24 KO. WBC.
  • Kevin Lerena. South Africa. 25-1, 12 KO.
  • Lawrence Okolie. UK. 15-0, 12 KO. WBO. “>
  • Andrew Tabiti. US. 17-1, 13 KO.
  • Krzysztof Glowacki. Poland. 31-3, 19 KO.
  • Arsen Goulamirian. France. 26-0, 18 KO. WBA.
  • Thabiso Mchunu. South Africa. 22-5, 13 KO.

Who is the boxing champion right now?

Tyson Fury is recognized by the magazine as its world champion. He earned this distinction by defeating Deontay Wilder on February 22, 2020, and retained it after his victory against Deontay Wilder in a rematch on October 9, 2021, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Who was the last WWE Cruiserweight Champion?

The last match contested for the title occurred on the August 31, 2007 episode of SmackDown!, when Hornswoggle successfully defended the title against Jamie Noble. After a six-month absence, WWE removed the championship from the active championship web page, to the defunct championship list.

Is cruiserweight heavier than light heavyweight?

light heavyweight, 175 pounds (79 kg) cruiserweight, 200 pounds (91 kg) heavyweight, unlimited.

Who is the No 1 boxer of all time?

Floyd Mayweather has been crowned the greatest boxer of all time. ‘MONEY’ held multiple world titles in five weight classes and is not only regarded as one of the greatest defensive boxers ever but the most accurate.

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Who is the No 1 pound for pound boxer?

10 best pound-for-pound fighters in boxing today

  1. Canelo Alvarez.
  2. Errol Spence Jr.
  3. Josh Taylor.
  4. Terence Crawford.
  5. Tyson Fury.
  6. Naoya Inoue.
  7. Jermell Charlo.
  8. Oleksandr Usyk.

Who has held all 5 boxing belts?

Tommy Hearns He won world titles in five different weight classes between 1980 and 1988 as he captured the WBA Welterweight, WBA Super Welterweight, WBC Middleweight, WBO Super Middleweight and WBC Light Heavyweight belts with 28 lbs between divisions.

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