Why Did Kim Basinger Pull Out Of Boxing Helena? (TOP 5 Tips)

Kim Basinger pulled out of the title role, and was successfully sued for $9 million for violation of a verbal contract. Because of this she forced to declare bankruptcy. The award was overturned on appeal, and the case was settled out of court.

Why did Kim Basinger drop out of Boxing Helena?

But from the suit’s outset, Basinger’s attorney, Howard Weitzman, has contended that the actress never made a final commitment to play the role. Weitzman said she turned it down because of her concerns with the character’s personality and graphic sex scenes.

How did Boxing Helena end?

When Helena wakes up, she is without both legs and abducted by Nick. Nick is taking care of her at his home. She tries to escape, and like a Venus of Milo, Nick removes her two arms, and keeps her hold to a wheelchair. A surprising end finishes the story.

Why is it called Boxing Helena?

The title of the film was used as the name of an episode of the sixth season of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, when Will Smith’s character takes boxing lessons from an attractive instructor named Helena.

What age is Kim Basinger?

“Boxing Helena” was originally rated “NC-17” by the MPAA. The DVD contains 1 minute of sexually explicit footage that had to be cut for the “R” rating.

Who wrote Boxing Helena?

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What year was Boxing Helena made?

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