Youtube Vs Tiktok Boxing Where To Watch? (Solution found)

You’ll be able to live stream the YouTube vs. TikTok boxing event through a service called LiveXLive. From their own description, LiveXLive is a streaming service that “lets you listen to your favorite music and watch live streaming performances.” However, since it is a PPV event, it is not available as a live stream.

Where can I watch the YouTube vs TikTok fight?

TikTok fights. The YouTube vs. TikTok boxing event will take place through pay-per-view on LiveXLive, a streaming platform typically known for its live concerts. You can also attend the event in-person at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens.

What channel is YouTube vs TikTok on?

The event is clearly one that many fans of social media want to watch and will be broadcasted LIVE on the LiveXLive platform and it is a Pay-Per-View (PPV) event.

Where can I watch the battle of the platforms?

Fans can watch ‘The Battle of the Platforms’ on pay-per-view via the streaming platform LiveXLive. If you think that you’ll be able to watch Battle of the Platforms on Hulu or Netflix, you’re sadly mistaken. The event is taking a different approach and streaming from a different platform.

What time is YouTube vs TikTok boxing?

YouTube vs. TikTok: Battle of the Platforms begins tonight (June 12) at 7:00 p.m. ET but it will be quite some time until the main event begins as there are 7 other fights as well as musical guests including DJ Khaled, Lil Baby, Migos, Trippie Redd and more before McBroom & Hall finally enter the ring.

Did Tanner back out of the fight?

No, Tanner did not back out of the fight. The fight between him and Ryland was cancelled because of the weight difference. Tanner broke his silence after receiving a lot of hate from people for cancelling the fight. Tanner explained he came in light while Ryland came in heavy.

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How do you watch YouTube vs TikTok boxing UK?

How to watch via live stream. The event will be broadcast on LiveXLive, a concert streaming platform which is taking it’s first foray into the world of boxing pay-per-view. Fans can purchase the pay-per-view for £35 by visiting the official website.

What time is the YouTubers vs TikTokers fight?

What time will it be on? The YouTube vs TikTok event will take place on Saturday 12 June 2021 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami at 7pm ET.

What time is TikTok vs YouTube boxing UK?

When is YouTube vs TikTok boxing? The event takes place tonight, Saturday, June 12 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. The undercard will kick-off at 6pm local time, with the main card taking place at 7pm and the main event expected around 10pm.

How much is the Youtubers vs Tiktokers fight?

YouTube influencers are facing TikTok fighters for big bucks and bragging rights. The PPV is available via “Social Live” and runs $49.99.

Who started YouTube boxing?

An Eastbourne YouTuber was the trailblazer for a number of celebrity fights that have become popular in recent years. Joe Weller, who has more than five million subscribers on YouTube, first started the trend by boxing Seaford-based internet star Theo Baker.

Which TikTok won the fight?

There was only one victory from a TikTok star when Vinnie Hacker took down Deji via TKO. FaZe Jarvis had the only true knockout of the night in his win against Michael Le.

Who won battle of platforms?

Austin McBroom Knocked Out Bryce Hall in the Battle of the Platforms Boxing Match. Overall, YouTubers dominated the night—winning five out of seven matches.

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