Glory kickboxing weight classes

Weight classes of contestants: The GLORY Kickboxing organizes fights in the following weight classes:

  • Featherweight: max 65 kg. max 143 lbs.
  • Lightweight: max 70 kg. max 154 lbs.
  • Welterweight: max 77 kg.
  • Middleweight: max 85 kg max 187 lbs.
  • Light Heavyweight: max 95 kg max 209 lbs.
  • Heavyweight: over 95 kg over 209 lbs.

Weight classes of contestants: The GLORY Kickboxing organizes fights in the following weight classes: Featherweight: max 65 kg. max 143 lbs. Lightweight: max 70 kg. max 154 lbs. Welterweight: max 77 kg. max 170 lbs.

Does kickboxing have weight classes?

Kickboxing weight classes are weight classes that pertain to the sport of kickboxing . For example, a boxing middleweight weighs up to 72 kg (160 lb), an ISKA middleweight upper limit is 75 kg (165 lb), and a K-1 middleweight upper limit is 70 kg (154 lb).

Is Glory Kickboxing still around?

On May 15, 2020, Glory announced Zelaznik had resigned as Glory CEO. On May 26, 2020, Glory Sports International went into receivership.

How many rounds are in Glory kickboxing?

The match consists of three rounds of two minutes for class C matches, three rounds of three minutes for class B contests, three or five rounds of three minutes for class A matches, two or three rounds of two or three minutes for tournament matches. Class A matches may be extended by one or two extra rounds .

What is heavyweight in kickboxing?

P: 10 oz. 12 oz. Heavyweight . 215.1 lbs.

What weight class is 65kg?

Amateur boxing

Class name Weight class limit (kg/lbs)
Men Junior
Light welterweight 64 kg (141.1 lb; 10.1 st) 63 kg (138.9 lb; 9.9 st)
Lightweight 60 kg (132.3 lb; 9.4 st) 60 kg (132.3 lb; 9.4 st)
Featherweight 57 kg (125.7 lb; 9.0 st)
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How many weight classes are in the UFC?


Are elbows allowed in glory?

Yes, you can still punch and kick in a fight, but the scoring system in Glory rewards punches equally to other techniques. Most of these fighters already fight in Muay Thai. Let them use their elbows and limited clinch.

Is Glory Kickboxing Muay Thai?

Out of the two events Lion Fight is a Muay Thai event and Glory is a “modified” Kickboxing event. There are popular Muay Thai fighters competing in Glory but for the most part they are doing it as a chance for exposure. Both have rounds of competition with 3 minutes in duration with a 1.5 minute rest between rounds.

Where can I watch Glory kickboxing?

GLORY shows now available to watch on regional sports networks across the USA. From July 7th and running through September 2020, GLORY fans in the United States will be able to watch past GLORY events weekly on up to 18 regional sports networks covering in excess of 80MM homes nationwide.

Which is better kickboxing or Muay Thai?

Those in the know say; that generally speaking, Muay Thai is better for combat, offering the fighter additional ways to attack which kickboxing doesn’t. Muay Thai also teaches clinch fighting as well as the use of knees, elbows and back fists.

Who is the best kickboxer ever?

The 12 Best Kickboxers of All Time John Wayne Parr. Buakaw Banhamek. Saenchai. Jorina Baars. Mirko Cro Cop. Badr Hari . Mark Hunt. Raymond Daniels.

Are you allowed to knee in kickboxing?

Fighters are allowed to strike their opponent with punches and kicks, including kicks below the waist, except for the groin. Elbows and knees are forbidden.

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Why is cruiserweight not popular?

It’s not dead. Cruiserweight is just primarily based in Europe, because that is where most of the top fighters are. The top guys do fight each other, although the very top (Huck, Drozd, and Hernandez) haven’t face one another for various reasons. The division is actually pretty stacked as well.

What happens if a boxer doesn’t make weight?

If a NON TITLE HOLDER and they are fighting for a VACANT title, the fighter not making weight will automatically lose the title on the scale. If the two fighters are still within a legal weight spread but as a “Catch- Weight ” they may still be allowed to fight, but no title will be on the line.

What is the lightest weight in boxing?

In Olympic-style amateur boxing the weight divisions for men are: light flyweight , not more than 108 pounds (49 kg) flyweight , 115 pounds (52 kg) bantamweight , 123 pounds (56 kg) lightweight, 132 pounds (60 kg) light welterweight , 141 pounds (64 kg) welterweight , 152 pounds (69 kg) middleweight, 165 pounds (75 kg)

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