Israel adesanya kickboxing record

Israel Adesanya holds a boxing record of 5-1, a kickboxing record of 75-5, and an MMA record of 20-1. Effectively, he has had 107 fights with 100 wins.Jun 8, 2021

  • “So wherever those four walls and a roof is located, it’ll still be City Kickboxing!!” Adesanya hasn’t fought since June, defeating Marvin Vettori in Arizona. His record sits at 21 wins and one defeat from his 22 UFC bouts.

How much did Israel Adesanya make in kickboxing?

Along with the money he made from his Reebok sponsorship, Israel made an impressive $153k for his first UFC fight. For his second fight against Marvin Vettori, Israel’s contract went from $50k/$50k to $53k/$53k.

What is Israel Adesanya record?


How much does Israel Adesanya make?

Multiple reports suggest Adesanya’s worth $2 million based on money won in his 19 career fights. He won a reported $1.34 million from his last three fights in UFC 248, 243 and 236, respectively.

What is Cowboy Cerrone worth?

$9 million

What Belt is Israel Adesanya?

Middleweight Championship

How much money did Israel Adesanya make on his last fight?

Israel Adesanya received just over $1.053m for his stunning UFC middleweight title defence against Paulo Costa. The Kiwi star made quick work of the Brazilian with a second round victory at Fight Island in Abu Dhabi on Sunday.

Who will adesanya fight next?

Israel Adesanya is moving up in the world and in weight divisions, as Dana White confirms the UFC Middleweight Champion’s next fight will be at 205 pounds / 92.99kg against UFC Light Heavyweight Champion – Jan Blachowicz. Which gives the undefeated New Zealand fighter a shot at becoming a ‘champ-champ’.

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Is Israel Adesanya still fighting?

In 2020, Adesanya kept being active. He fought and beat Yoel Romero in March, and then he got himself a fight against Costa in late September. Costa was undefeated, and he had a record of 13-0. Many fans thought that this would be a close fight , but it wasn’t.

Who is the highest paid UFC fighter?

Conor McGregor

What is Dana White’s net worth?

White’s net worth stands at an estimated $500million .

What is Conor McGregor’s net worth?

Conor McGregor’s net worth in 2020 (estimate): $120 million . Conor McGregor currently sits on two Forbes lists, placing No. 53 on the Celebrity 100 2020 list and No. 16 on The World’s Highest-Paid Athletes 2020 list.

How much is Ronda Rousey worth?

The fact is, Ronda Rousey is doing very well for herself, with an estimated net worth of $12 million as of 2019, according to Celebrity Net Worth. She splits her wealth from her former life as an octagon-fighting champion and as an entrepreneur and advertising supernova.

What is Max Holloway’s net worth?

The current UFC Featherweight Champion, Max Holloway, reportedly has $2 million as his net worth.

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